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2015 – LEXUS NX 200t

– Unprecedented 2.0L Turbocharged Direct Injection Engine Combines High Performance and Fuel Efficiency

– NX 200t will be sold for R $ 216,300.00; F-Sport package arrives for R $ 236,900.00

– Launch represents a new phase for the consolidation of Lexus in the domestic market

Lexus launches the NX 200t line, the first compact SUV of Toyota’s luxury brand. Available for sale from March 13, NX reaches the Brazilian market in its regular version, for R $ 216,300.00, and in the F-Sport package, for R $ 236,900.00. The NX symbolizes the new generation of Lexus models, aimed at consumers looking for modern design, superior performance, high-tech equipment and refined finishing, Lexus Amazing in Motion concept features. The SUV’s lines refer to a multi-dimensional body, sculpted in diamond form, from a single piece of metal. The Spindle front grille, combined with the aggressive front lines and the fully LED optical assembly, give the impression that the car will bite at dodge challenger car covers.

Inspired by high performance sports cars, the NX is designed to provide agility and excitement to the driver. Equipped with the unprecedented 2.0L turbocharged engine with direct injection, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.2 seconds, yields 238 horsepower and presents low fuel consumption, with a combined average of 9.2 km / l. The whole process of development and construction of the NX 200t carries the experience of the Takumis, master craftsmen of Lexus, with specialization of decades in the production of the vehicles of the mark. This differential guarantees the personalized and exclusive quality of every detail of the model. The interior of the NX provides the comfort of a living room, combined with high-tech equipment that redefines driver-to-vehicle interaction, such as the Lexus Remote Touchpad ™ interface and the Lexus G-Force ™ unprecedented force acceleration meter G. With the launch of the NX 200t, Lexus hopes to expand its presence in the Brazilian luxury market. In 2014, even at only 15% of the segment, the brand sold 240 units in the country, a 19% increase over 2013. Under the new model, Lexus’s potential for participation will cover 40% of the premium expected to reach monthly sales of 100 units in the medium term.

External design

The entire body of the NX features rigid body formatting, assembled from digital technology and laser welding, using high strength steel and aluminum and structural reinforcements, strategically positioned to achieve the desired level of lightness. To ensure a striking and balanced presence, without losing the aggressive and sporty profile, the NX’s strong, innovative and bold lines suggest a body sculpted from a single piece of solid metal as a work of art, reminiscent of the diamond-like appearance.

The imposing Spindle front grille emphasizes the aggressive lines that run through the entire body. The sides give the model a muscular look, with creases extended to the rear, in a multidimensional format. The front optical assemblies feature three L-shaped lamp projectors with Full-LED technology. In addition to greater energy efficiency, the use of Full-LED provides unique clarity, ensuring constant illumination at high angulation to the driver. The headlights of the NX 200t were defined in more than 3,000 tests, made by Takumis. LED fog lights integrated into the front bumper contribute to excellent visibility both at night and in low light conditions. The doors have handles with meticulous design, providing a safe and smooth opening. Full-LED lights illuminate automatically when the driver approaches the vehicle. The rear optical assembly, also in Full-LED, has bulbs highly articulated with the trunk, designed to refer to a gemstone when lit. The L-shape again emphasizes the Lexus logo, firmly expressing the bold design of the brand, as well as ensuring perfectly continuous lighting up to the edges of the body.

The Lexus NX 200t has the following dimensions:

– 4.63 m in length

– 1,845 m wide

– 1,645 m high

– 2,660 m of axes

Mechanical and transmission

The NX is designed to symbolize a new era for Lexus. For the engineering team responsible for the project, it was not enough to provide just the perfect combination of high performance, pleasure and driving excitement. It was necessary to go further and deliver a motorization really capable of delivering performance and fuel economy. After a careful evaluation, with more than a million miles of tests in various conditions, including extreme environments, engineering opted for a brand new technology: the 2.0L turbocharged direct injection engine, which has an advanced and differentiated system of control valves in the Otto-Atkinson cycle. The reduced opening time of the valves improves the performance of the model, offering agile steering and pleasurable acceleration. On the other hand, it reduces the emission of pollutants and guarantees the efficiency of fuel consumption.

The new engine delivers maximum power of 238 hp at 5,600 rpm and reaches a torque of 35.7 kgfm flat, between 1,650 rpm and 4,000 rpm, combining water cooled cylinder and integrated head to the exhaust manifold. The NX exhaust has dual output in chrome finish, enhancing the sportiness of a turbo engine and combining refinement to aggressive behavior. The six-speed automatic transmission is endowed with artificial intelligence which, with the turbocharged engine and integral drive, ensures a unique steering feel. It features a new on-demand torque control logic, which calculates the force required to maximize the fast throttle response, while also helping to reduce fuel consumption. The compact and ultra-rigid front suspension is McPherson type, and has undergone a fine calibration of springs, shock absorbers, stabilizers and bushings. At the rear, which features the Double Wishbone configuration, the engineering work was equally thorough, providing precise handling to the NX. The same attention was paid to steering calibration with electric assistance, which can be light at low speeds and direct and steady in road use.

Internal design

The NX has been carefully designed for both driver and passengers to feel comfortable inside, with ease of use, practical space and technologies at your fingertips, as if they were in your living room. Its construction is the most perfect translation of Omotenashi, Japanese word meaning hospitality, which makes the guest feel in his own home. All Lexus vehicles are created with masterful skill. At NX, it was no different. The finishes go directly to premium and combine the urban feel of the vehicle with the structural and functional beauty of a high-performance machine. The attention ranges from the carved style of the analog clock hands to the subtle Lexus logo engraved on the bolts on the sides of the center console. With the experience and expertise of decades in automobile assembly, the Takumis took care of every detail, guaranteeing to the NX quality craftsmanship personalized and exclusive in finishes, without losing the remarkable robustness of an SUV. Building on the concept that a sports car interior should eliminate unnecessary movements, Lexus has drilled intuitively the functionality on its dashboard and each of its controls so that the driver only focuses on the direction. The instrument panel is divided into two distinct zones: information and operation, representing an evolution in the concept of design.

The functional layout was organized based on frequency of use and driver actions such as the position of levers, function-grouped buttons and convenient smartphone compartments, glasses and sunglasses. The use of modern production technologies, such as laser welding adhering to the body, increases the stiffness of the panel joints, provides good stability and provides a more responsive response to the driver’s commands. Following the Lexus standards, which provide customers with refined comfort, the NX features interior finishes made from exquisite materials such as leather trim on the steering wheel, seats, transmission knob, dashboard and center console, plus panel lining central and standard wooden doors. Knee protectors, located on both sides of the body structure, serve as support for driver and passenger, providing greater comfort to the occupants. The NX is also at the top of its category in terms of internal space for rear seat passengers. There are 2,660 mm of wheelbase, 970 mm (front) and 968.4 mm (rear) of headroom and 1,452 mm (front) and 1,403 mm (rear) of shoulder space. The padded seat pattern and the varied cushioned thickness express the vehicle’s style.

Comfort and convenience

The NX 200t features items that prioritize and enhance occupant comfort and well-being, from the smallest details, to unprecedented functions aboard a Lexus. In the information zone, the driver finds refined clarity in the odometer and in the speedometer, with the silver circles in three-dimensional format. The white illumination on the numbers and hands gives the driver a clear view. Between the pedometer and the speedometer, the driver has on-board computer with a colored liquid-crystal screen measuring 4.2 inches. In it, information on cellular phone calls, fuel consumption, autonomy, average speed, external temperature, driving indicator, tire pressure, audio information and GPS are revealed.

The multimedia system, installed in the center of the dashboard to minimize driver’s drift, has a 7-inch screen that reproduces information from the on-board computer, as well as navigation system data, AM / FM radio, DVD player, MP3 / WMA, digital TV and connected devices via Bluetooth®. A touch screen, next to the shift knob, optimizes the control of the functions of the multimedia system. In it, it is possible to operate in the same way as in tablets. This technology, called the Lexus Remote Touchpad ™ Interface, is another innovation of the model. In the area of ​​operations, the NX features start button, dual zone digital air conditioning, Eco, Normal and Sport steering mode selector, seat heating and cooling, electric sunroof and ramp assistance button. They complement the functionality of the NX, steering wheel controls to operate the onboard computer, audio and cell phone, plus Cruise Control and butterflies for gearshift. The rearview mirrors, equipped with LED lighting systems, have electric drive, direction indicators and Tilt Down control. The driver’s and front passenger’s seats have electric adjustments of distance, incline, height and Return & Away function, and the driver can memorize up to three positions. To ensure a better comfort experience, the Lexus NX has both center and side panels and rear doors, center armrests and driver and passenger cup holders.


The NX line is packed with safety features, equipped with 10 air bags (two front, four side, two curtain and two for knee protection, these for driver and front seat passenger). The model also features front and rear ABS brakes, with electronic brake and assist distribution, electronic traction and stability control, emergency braking light, rear camera, rain sensor, washers and headlight level adjustment, seat belts three-point with height adjustment, pre-tensioner and power limiter for all occupants and ISOFIX child seat anchorage system. The complete safety package includes start alert, blind spot monitor, rear fog light and extended headlights that enhance the driver’s field of vision.

F-Sport Package

The F-Sport package is a variant of the NX 200t, which refers to a sporty design and offers unique visual elements, such as the design of 18-inch aluminum wheels, external mirrors in black color and a front hinged Spindle type grille (Mesh). Highlight also for doors and central panel with brushed steel finish and seats and interior that mix standard leather in red and black colors. Exclusive trim, seams and perforations have been added to the F-Sport’s dashboard and sports seats that embrace the driver, aluminum pedals, emblem and perforations on the steering wheel and gearbox. Other exclusives of the F-Sport package are the multi-informative panel with head-up display and the panoramic sunroof. Advanced technology, superior to that used in competing models, allows the driver, even under extreme light conditions, to clearly visualize driving information without looking away from traffic, including speed, audio system, ECO Driving indicator and navigation. Variable adaptive suspension system (AVS), G-force acceleration and turbo pressure gauges and Sport + driving mode, with stiffened suspension calibration are also exclusive to the F-Sport package. To further enhance comfort, the driver’s seat on the NX 200t F-Sport features lumbar adjustment and eight memory positions.


The common colors for the NX 200t and its F-Sport package are Sonic White, Nebular Gray, Silver Platinum, Titanium Gray, Solid Black, Obsidian Black and Matador Red. There is variation in the shades of blue (Meteor, for version 200t, and Metallic, in F-Sport) and Maroon Agate (only for 200t).